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Internet and Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over IP

We have partnered with Ravon in Minnetonka to provide hosted Voice over IP systems to our customers. We use this system internally, and enjoy the cost savings while giving us many features that are too costly to upgrade on traditional PBX system. We can manage this service for you over your existing internet connection, and can even configure it to work over redundant internet links at your office for maximum uptime.
Even if you don't use the Ravon service, our experience integrating voice into your data environment comes from an IT background and will maximize all of your available bandwidth. Contact us if you have any voice quality issues with your current provider, as we can eliminate those issues, even on broadband connections.

Internet Access

McNallan Office Systems assists our customers in selecting the highest value Internet access service(s) available in their area. We have many customers with more than one Internet provider, and we offer multiple Firewall/Router options that offer seamless failover to backup connections when needed. We work with technologies such as Qwest’s QMOE (Metro Optical Ethernet), Comcast’s Business Class Cable, T1s from many providers, bundled T1s, DSL, and varying wireless options like the product from Clear. We’d love the opportunity to evaluate the Internet access services your company is using so we can get you the best options available.

Cloud Computing

McNallan Office Systems offers Cloud-hosted servers and applications as needed by our customers. From simple Exchange hosting to redundant domain controllers, we can provide un-paralleled server uptime by hosting your server needs on one of our cloud networks. Check out our page on cloud hosting services for more details.

Internet Hosting

From our server farm at SoftLayer, we can securely cloud host virtual machines, database driven websites, basic html websites, pop/imap email hosting, exchange hosting, DNS hosting, and other Internet related products.

We’d love an opportunity to consult on your Internet needs, so please get in touch with us!